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IBCRF benefits from Siemens donation of $91,150 to four breast cancer organizations



Pink bras pointed the way to the breast cancer event at “The Crystal”.

After twelve months, the “Turn Your City Pink! Raise awareness for breast cancer” campaign has come to a successful end. By the end of October, donations had reached a total of 91,150 US dollars, 18,230 videos and photos had been submitted and the Facebook page had 135,000 friends. The objective was to raise public awareness of breast cancer and encourage women to participate in breast cancer screening programs. For a whole year, Siemens employees and the public were able to join the campaign by sending in their photo or video about a pink-colored action. For each submission to the campaign’s web page, Siemens donated five US dollars to a breast cancer organization. The campaign gathered momentum as the year went by. People from 598 cities and 76 countries took part, with Mexico, Columbia, Brazil and the U.S. being most active.


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Donations for a good cause



From left to right: Dagmar Spangenberg, Professor Mitch Dowsett, Leslie Marie Sullivan, Michael Sigmund from Siemens Healthcare, and Maria Parsons Perez.

A total of 91,150 US dollars was given to international breast cancer organizations. The recipients of these checks met during a celebratory event at “The Crystal” in London, a center recently opened by Siemens to promote sustainable city development.

Dagmar Spangenberg from Susan G. Komen for the Cure accepted a donation of US$25,075, Professor Mitch Dowsett from the International Breast Cancer Research Foundation received US$22,335 for a worthy cause, Leslie Marie Sullivan from the Breast Health Global Initiative was delighted to accept US$22,185, and Maria Parsons Perez from the American Cancer Society received US$21,555.

Going social on breast cancer



The “pink dinner” took place at London’s Sustainability Center “The Crystal” at the Royal Victoria Docks.

On Facebook, the campaign’s page attracted more than 130,000 fans, proving that social media is a very successful way to encourage the public to become active. The page will be live for one more year, featuring updates on breast cancer research and links to relevant blogs. The discussions at the get together event with bloggers from Europe and the U.S. held in London also confirmed this. These bloggers use social media to provide cancer patients with information about the disease and relate their own experiences. The conclusions: Cancer survivors play a very significant role in patient communication, perhaps the most important in terms of “experience exchange” and supporting each other through the disease. Healthcare professionals continue to play a key role in providing information on screening and treatment options and empowering patients to make treatment decisions. In this context, the healthcare industry could also make a significant contribution by offering supporting material to help explain to the patient about the technologies used for diagnostic imaging and treatment.

All in all, over the year of the worldwide breast cancer awareness campaign, an estimated half a million people were alerted via different media to this topic and to the importance of early detection. A huge thank you from Siemens to everyone who contributed to raising awareness of the early detection of breast cancer.

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